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    [AssaultCube] Epic Recoil (Speedhack, Fly hack.)

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    [AssaultCube] Epic Recoil (Speedhack, Fly hack.) Empty [AssaultCube] Epic Recoil (Speedhack, Fly hack.)

    Post by J4cK on Wed May 30, 2012 9:23 am

    This hack is for Assaultube, which can be downloaded at: assault.cubers.net
    This release features:
    • Epic Recoil (Can be used as a speed hack or fly hack)
    • Infinte Mag Ammo

    Hot to install This hack:
    1. Download And install AssaultCube!
    2. Download the AssaultCube Epic Recoil Hack.
    3. Edit the AssaultCubeEPICRECOIL.bat.
      How to edit?:
      Changed the first line which is "bin_win32\ac_client.exe --init %1 %2 %3 %4 %5"
      "bin_win32\ac_clientEPICRECOIL.exe --init %1 %2 %3 %4 %5"
      then save the batch file
    4. Move ac_clientEPICRECOIL.exe to the folder bin_win32 in your assaultcube directory(searching bin_win32 should find the folder)
    5. Move AssaultCubeEPICRECOIL.bat to your assaultcube folder.
    6. Use AssaultCubeEPICRECOIL.bat to start the hacked version Smile

    • Assaultcube is 40-50 mb and can run on Windows 98 +, Linux, Mac OSX


    My Personal Site: [url= Epic Recoil.zip].zip[/url]
    Skydrive. (Uploading)

    Microsoft "For inventing windows and the programming language C++"
    J4cK "For The creation of this hack" (%100 me Smile )

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