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    **GCFH OFFICIAL RS BOT RELEASE** (a very old bot, not close to done yet)

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    **GCFH OFFICIAL RS BOT RELEASE** (a very old bot, not close to done yet)

    Post by [GCFH] Admin on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:44 pm

    So i have recently found my really old rs bot that made a while back. The reason i am releasing it is because i want you guys to hang on to something while i am working on the real GCFH bot. It's going great so far btw, and it texts you updates about how to the bot is going.

    This bot is pretty cool (questionable user interface Smile ) and you MUST click the Procedure button first to read instructions on how to use the bot cuz it is kind of complicated.

    Edit: The procedure doesn't tell you about NumPad 8 but i am telling you now. NumPad 8 i made for telling the bot when your inventory is full. So go to the last spot in your inventory and make sure it is empty and put your cursor on the spot and put 8 on the number pad for the bot to log it.

    How successful is it? Well, when i was testing it a couple years back i had level 15 woodcutting and i left it on the whole night. I woke up the next morning and I had a level 63 woodcutting. It was shocking and very efficient. So hopefully you guys can get some use out of it while i make the real one.

    Have fun guys, and thanks for staying with GCFH. I would really appreciate your criticisms and comments. Thanks


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